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T35 SE Block Cutter

Giant Blade Saw.

Two strong welded steel columns support and guide vertical movement of the bridge of large dimensions made in special cast iron.

The structure is given added stability/reduced vibration/less resonance thanks to ribs in cast iron


  • Built-in welded steel with a giant blade for extra cutting depth, a robust machine built on two columns that support and guide the vertical cutting unit movement along the cast-iron bridge.
  • Manual setting of limit switches avoided because of an encoder for setting cutting length.
  • Rev. variator and encoder for cutting unit traverse. Different cutting depths can be set from the terminal.
  • Blade-head unit moved horizontally by servomotor coupled to gear motor and rack and pinion system.
  • Speed electronically regulated from the control panel.
    Vertical movement on two precision screws with two worm screws.
    Two counter-screws for safety.
    One-speed step-cutting motor for rotation of screws which are synchronized by the connecting shaft; encoder for positioning.
  • The main transmission by high performance tracks with oil-bathed gear box.
    Shaft rev. changes by a pulley (standard) or rev variator (optional).
  • Centralized lubrication. IP 55 electrical cabinet. Control panel with keyboard and real-time display of operator instructions, alarms, and operating parameters.

Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications
Blade longitudinal stroke mm 4000
Blade vertical stroke mm 2000
Carriage translation in op. mm 2000
Block carriage dimensions mm 3000×2240
Max. vertical blade diameter mm 3500
Max. cutting depht mm 1500
Min. blade diameter mm 2200
Blade shaft diameter mm 110
Adjustable slide forward speed m/min 0 -17
Blade motor power KW 55
Total auxiliary motors power KW 7,5
Water consumption at 3 bar l/min 100
Weight KG 13800
Standard Equipment
Central lubrication
N° 1 Motorised carriage – dimensions mm 3000×2240
N° 1 Set of rail (4 x 3.00 m.) mm 6000
N° 1 Flange couple for blade – dimensions mm 450
N° 1 Photocell safety barrier
N° 1 Set of pulleys mm 165 – 362 – 416
Optional Equipment
N° 1 Inverter
N° 1 Rotating carriage



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