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T30 S Block Cutter

Electronic Giant Disc Saw.

Stability of machine in operation guaranteed by a over dimensioned frame in welded steel.

On the electrical board it is installed the control panel with Touch Screen to visualize alarms, operator instructions and operational parameters for development of correct workyng cycle to be seen in real time.


  • Cutting unit with rack/pinion system powered for beam travel by electric gear motor that allows cutting speed selection.
  • Bridge translates on bearings with rack/pinion system powered by an electric gear motor with inverter for perfect speeds.
  • Head vertical movement with the self-braking motor, on prismatic guides (with guard). Accurate positioning of all axes thanks to the encoder.
  • Main transmission through high-performance belts and oil-bathed gear. The inverter provides a spindle rev. changes.
  • A mobile control pad can be connected to a water-tight electrical cabinet.
  • The terminal on the control panel comprises a display and keyboard and operator instructions, alarms, and operating parameters that can be viewed in real-time.

Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications
Max. blades diameter mm 3600
Blade longitudinal stroke mm 4000
Bridge translation mm 12000
Blade vertical stroke mm 1750
Blade shaft diameter mm 110
Max. cutting depht mm 1250
Adjustable slide forward speed m/min 0 – 18
Blade motor power KW 92
Water consumption at 3 bar l/min 200
Weight kg 13000
Standard Equipment
N° 1 Photocell safety barrier
N° 1 Inverter
N° 1 PLC with graphic touch screen
Optional Equipment
N° 1 Photocell safety barrier