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Automatic Bridge Saw Machine.

Bridge saw machine with main parts built-in cast iron, supplied with a PLC of easy and intuitive use to program slabs cutting and cuts and movement.

It is possible to execute linear shaping.

Manual table rotation and head tilting


  • Cheap to install (steel or cement walls) and easy to use: for marble, granite, and similar stones.
  • Construction built-in cast iron for stability, low resonance, and durability.
  • The motor of reduced dimensions co-axial with the blade.
  • Blade holder slides electrically powered on bearings; guides well-protected from water and dust.
  • Electric bridge translation on sliding rails protected by everlasting belt and guards.
  • Mono-axial positioning for bridge translation with encoder.
  • Vertical movement of the head with 2-speed self-braking motor on prismatic guides, controlled by the encoder.
  • Motorized rotating table, with fixed locks every 90° can be blocked in any position
    0° – 360°.
  • Manual tilting head from 0° to 90° to cut marble and granite even in short passes.
  • The PLC with a graphic touch screen allows programming and interpolation of two-axis for concave-convex shaping, contouring, shaving, and control of table rotation.
  • Separate potentiometer for left/right slide speed and operational controls.
  • Amperometer to protect from use of tools above-accepted tolerances. Electrical cables and cooling water pipes in nylon cable trailer chain.
  • Soundproofed blade guard.

Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications
Blade stroke mm 3600
Blade vertical stroke mm 400
Bridge translation mm 3600
Blade diameter (marble) mm 725
Blade diameter (granite) mm 450
Cutting depht (marble) mm 250
Cutting depht (granite) mm 115
Blade holder shaft diameter mm 50
Blade block flange diameter mm 210
Dimensions of the cast iron table mm 1500×3000
Maximum power of the blade motor kW 22
Mandrel rotation speed at 50 Hz rpm 1435
Adjustable cut speed m/min 0 – 17
Machine weight kg 4200
Packing volume mc 14
Machine dimensions mm 5000x5500x2600

Standard Equipment
N° 2 Columns
N° 1 Photoelectric cell safety barrier
Optional Equipment
Laser beam
Hydraulic tilting table
Table studs
Removable wooden table cover
Blade speed inverter > 22 kW