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A machine for polishing marble and granite sheets, constructed according to the
current requirements of quality, productivity, respect for the environment and safety.
The block – the load bearing structure of the machine – is a single electrically welded,
non-deformable steel block.
The running plane of the thick steel sheet is worked in a single piece to guarantee
perfect flatness.
The stainless steel belt tightening devices are enclosed in the bench and are easily
manoeuvred. The belt is driven by a gear motor with a hydraulic speed changer and
has an electronic advance speed display on a monitor. The spindle support beam is
supported by two cast iron slides on abundantly sized guides, running in an oil bath
on tempered and ground roller tracks.

The system is accessible from the outside via a stainless steel cover and is protected
by a labyrinth casing, also made of stainless steel, extractable from the outside. The
alternate movement of the beam is provided by an electronic frequency speed
changer (inverter): this is of the closed ring type for constant beam control at every
instant with gentle inversions and adjustable speed ramps: a stabiliser with tempered
gears, guarantees the parallel positioning of beam translation. An automatic control
unit periodically manages the lubrication of all the main moving parts.

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