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Neptune 3 – 3 Axes Waterjet
Modular structure machine is made up of a series of rigid pedestals (modules), subjected to heat
treatment, with structure of the type to “drawbridge” with fixed table. The modules of multiple
strokes by the two / three meters, thanks to its particular constructive concept are connected to
each other until reaching the required stroke in Y; equally tubs, and always with modular worktops
self-supporting, are inserted and installed between the two shoulders. The Mobile Bridge flowing
in the longitudinal direction (Y axis), supported by two trolleys lateral (right-left) which slide guides
with double ball. At the edge of the bridge runs the X carriage (transverse movement): The vertical
axis Z positioning (controlled by CN) is on board the wagon X. One of our characteristics
concerning the handling of the bridge based on ‘setting “gantry mastermaster” of the axis Y1-Y2:
two brushless motors controlled by the CNC independently manage the synchronization of the
two engines of parallel axes (Y1-Y2). The whole structure “Bases, Front, Bridge” is heat-treated
to ensure over time the appearance of kinematic structural – This approach allows more
accelerations / decelerations, control of orthogonality along its entire dimension X-Y1/Y2, then
constant accuracy over the work area. The raceways are made with precision guides and skates
double ball bearing, the transmission of motion with rectified racks tilted teeth (19 ° 42 “41 ‘) to
ensure the accuracy and repeatability even on very long runways. We guarantee an accuracy
class H5. The movements of the axes of the machine are fully protected by special crankcase
labyrinth and waterproof bellows which prevent water, dust of abrasive, and any foreign matter
intrusion between the elements of the handling.
Technical features:
Structure with mobile Bridge
Y AXES (mm) 5400 (213“)
X AXES (mm) 3200 (126“)
Z AXES (mm) 220 (8,66“)
–CNC handling Brushless digital Gantry Y1-Y2 Brushless digital X Brushless digital Z-C-A Speed 0
40.000 m/m
Tolerance +/- 0.05 m/m +/- 0.05 m/m +/- 0.05 m/m
Positioning repeatability +/- 0,005 m/m +/- 0,005 m/m +/- 0,005 m/m
Planetary gearboxes 1/10 NM N° 2 Y1-Y2 1/10 NM absolute.
TANK TABLE WORKING The system is supplied with a water table to curb the power of the
jet, and deaden the noise. The tub support pieces is separated from the structure and is
supported by legs 12 for each module (3×2), and is made of sheet media with the center of
the tub-support blades. The blades of support are removable individually in order to be able
to replace only the worn-out parts from the jet. The comb blades are available in different
models depending on the type of material to be cut: all models have been designed to ensure
a minimum return of the jet (reflux) and to allow a simple and partial replacement when
needed at low cost. Normally the comb support blades are in the shape of “Wave”, such as
to reduce the mechanical backflow of water

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