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Cute 36 625

Mono-Block Sawing Machine 4 Axis.

Machine with compact dimensions.

The spin of the head 360°.

All the Axis drivers complete with elevated inertia BRUSHLESS motors.

Complete CNC control with a Touch screen panel.


  • Slide of disc-holder slips on guides in hardened steel with recirculating balls pre-loaded for the elimination of the mechanical clearance.
  • Positioning with pinion-helical rack system of precision and epicycle reducer with 0 clearance (Axis X).
  • Sliding of the bridge on guides in hardened steel, cold-drawn, in a class of precision H and sliding-block with recirculating balls pre-loaded.
  • Positioning with 2 motors in electrical-axis with pinion- helical rack system of precision and epicycle reducers with 0 clearance (Axis Y).
  • Sliding of head-holder on the over-dimensioned chromed cylinder.
  • Positioning with system screw-nut with recirculating balls pre-loaded and epicycle reducer with 0 clearance (Axis Z).
  • The spin of the head ± 185° with a reducer of high precision with eccentrics with 0 clearance (Axis C).
  • The spin of the mandrel 0°-90° by the manual wheel.
  • Disc motor, power 15 kW, directly connected to the blade, electronic control of rotation speed by mean of INVERTER.
  • Switchboard with isolation IP 55 at the right of the machine and outside of the foundation wall, with the general switch and block door. In the control panel are grouped the contactors with the relative thermal protections, the drives, and the electronic controls, the complete PLC control while the Touch screen panel and the keyboard are positioned in a remote pendant box.
  • Laser beam facilitates positioning of the blade on cutting line.
  • Water pressure switches stop the machine if cooling water insufficient.
  • Tools are protected by an electronic ammeter to prevent the use above preset values.
  • Refrigeration pipes and electrical wiring protected in plastic cable trailer chain.

Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications
X-axis biade stroke mm 3550
Y-axis bridge translation mm 1850
Max. Ø biade mm 625
Biade holder shaft Ø mm 50
Minimum Ø of flanges mm 210
Z-axis maximum cutting depth (with 625 Ø disc) mm 200
Z-axis max. vertical stroke mm 360
A-axis max. head inclination Deg. 90°
C-Axis rotation of the head Deg. ±360°
Motor power at 1450 revs. (S1) HP-kW 20 – 15
X-axis max. speed m/min 20
Y-axis max. speed m/min 20
Z-axis max. speed m/min 3
Voltage/Frequency V/Hz 400/50
Weight kg 3500
Overall dimensions installed mm 5600x2800x3000
Transport 20′ open to container



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