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Block Turner


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Block Turner

Block Turner

The Hedel Block Turner is a piece of equipment made of carbon steel, with robust mechanics, in addition to being simple, it is easily accessible to parts that require maintenance. The Block Turner is an indispensable equipment for tipping blocks from 0 to 90 °, its operation is safe and fast, ensuring that blocks of sensitive materials that cannot receive impacts, are turned without cracks or breaks. It has speed variation to work smoothly according to the block size.

Greater operational security;
Optimization of the operational process reducing costs and risks of cracking the block.

Technical specifications

  • Load Capacity: 45 Tons.
  • Rotation Capacity: 0 to 90º.
  • Engine Power: 4 CV.
  • Installed Power: 3 KW.
  • Supply Voltage: 380 V.
  • Equipment Dimensions: 152 x 332 x 310 cm.
  • Length of the Stone Support Base: 2 meters.
  • Width between Support Base Centers: 1.25 meters.
  • Approx. Equipment: 3,400 kg.
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